crawls into 2017, finally 🎊

Hey everyone! It’s 2017, and I couldn’t be more thankful. 2016 was a tough year for me, personally and artistically. I struggled with producing cosplay because of burn out. Total burn out. Not sure how I got there, but with something negative comes something positive. I started drawing again! I focused on creating art again and it felt great. But by the end of the year, i felt myself creating art just to sell art again, which sometimes isn’t terrible but it can lead you in a dark path especially if what you are creating isn’t selling. It’s tough to create a business in any form. So I just went back to my sketchbook and started over. Sketching ideas for things I truly like to create. Let’s just say, waking up Jan 1 of 2017 felt like a new start.

So with that sad, let’s chat future! This year is a big deal. I’m traveling ALOT and competing ALOT with a cosplay that has far and away cost the most and spent the most time on. Miss Amidala will be epic (i hope so at least). Every year I create one piece that I compete with that one year and retire it (from competing) at the end of the year. 2014 was Dany with my Drogon puppet, 2015 was my Ariel Ballgown, 2016 was Mary Poppins, and this year is the great Queen herself. Most people do not know that I do that. I love competing and traveling to do that competing. It’s the true fuel that makes me do this.

Here are my lovely cons I’m attending this year

  • Anime Crossroads
    • Indianapolis IN, Feb 24-26
  • Louisville Arcade Expo
    • Louisville KY, March 3-5
  • Star Wars Celebration
    • Orlando FL, April 13-16
  • Con of Thrones
    • Nashville TN, June 30-July 2
  • D23 Expo
    • Anaheim CA, July 14-16
  • GenCon
    • Indianapolis IN, Aug 17-20

So that being said, I might go to a random con here or there, depending on traveling and costs. This will be a HUGE year for my cosplays. Let’s hope it’s good.

Now! Let’s chat cosplay plans. This list is always fun to go back and look at the year after to see if you really did those plans. Most of the time, I complete about half of the list for the year. Here are my plans for this year. ‘15727137_1371482896215263_1955723880075018630_n.jpg

HUZZAH! Here’s to 2017! Any comments or concerns or general highfives, message me on instagram!

❤ Jedimanda

One thought on “crawls into 2017, finally 🎊

  1. Hope that you will keep up with the art this year when something inspires you and looking forward to amidala and whatever else you get completed on your list as you always get a lot of detail into your cosplay and they are always inspiring 😄


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