New video Sewing Series

I consistently get questions about sewing. Everything from how to place in zippers to hand drafting patterns. So because of these questions, I’ve started a weekly sewing series of videos! All the videos will be short, about 2-5 minutes, with a main topic and me walking you through it. The videos will cover sewing techinques, sewing history, some small sewing projects, walk throughs on sewing shop essentials (irons, rulers, scissors, etc). The first two videos have premiered on Facebook and Youtbe already and I’m pretty hyped about the next couple that I have already filmed.

The videos premiere every sunday at 3 pm EST on my Facebook and Youtube.
Check out the first two videos here!


One thought on “New video Sewing Series

  1. Is it possible for you to do a video of how to end a hand stitch I’m completely stupid on it and I’m it’s not comprehending it but the way you have been putting things makes sense to me in your videos

    I am loving the videos you are doing so far with sew with the force


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