Yang Xiao Long | Round 2

AWW YES! MY Yang Xiao Long season 4 finale cosplay is finally complete. This was a super fun and challenging project. I was excited to make a tailored overcoat and was challenged in making her new robotic arm. I used several techniques in sewing and armor making with this one. Let’s chat about the overcoat first!

I used an existing that I had to give me a little direction but ultimately ending up chopping up that pattern so much, it became my own pattern. The look of this coat is kind of crazy. Lots of different lines and fabric colors. I used 3 different khaki suiting fabrics for the coat. First made a mockup with muslin so I could find the shape I want. Boy this took me a bit because I ended up guessing on a lot of the look of this coat. We don’t see the back and sides of it a lot in the episode is premiered in. So I took my scissors and pins then went to town. Here are some nasty looking chopping mockups. haha

So once I narrowed out my mockup design, I tore it apart and cut the fabric. Then putting it together was much easier now that I had the design narrowed out. The overcoat was completed pretty fast then I moved to the tails of the coat, the neck scarf piece, then the belt. Here are some quick shots.


Here is the final outfit. I also added a bumblebee patch to the back right should spot. Because why not. 🐝  I really loved the final look.
Let’s chat the robotic arm now. I won’t say much because I recorded it all! So watch my tutorial on how I made it first hand on making the hand… haha… get it? #YangPun


I ended up buying the orange tank top and black pants. Don’t forget to pair some aviators with your Yang wig. I also used the fingerless black glove from her other outfit and her small gauntlet for my other arm. Pair with some brown boots and tie a purple tie around you right knee. Yang time now!!


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