Back into digital land.

Sometimes I feel bad when I get burned out on using a certain medium. Not sure if it’s me just not confident in said medium or the fact that I want to try all things, but I’m back to digital art now. I say I’m back because I was once there. I have a degree in Visual Communications aka Graphic Design and Illustration. Actually it’s my current job. I used to create A LOT of digital art and really enjoyed it but you know, life happens and my Wacom tablet started to collect dust.

It was then that I discovered Ross Tran aka Ross Draws and his Youtube channel. If you haven’t check out his videos, you really should. He puts so much fun into digital painting within Photoshop. Seriously, go check out his stuff. Here is a link

Now, I started to MEGA BINGE his videos then donated to his Patreon and just became super inspired to get back into Digital Art. I was nervous at first because I really struggle with character design. I have a weird mental block with human proportions in my drawing. If frustrates me to no end. BUT I do feel confident in portraiture, mostly from the waist up. I really love to draw faces.

So now I’m inspired, now what do I draw? Well If you me, you understand my fond love of RWBY and I also have no existing fan art of RWBY. So I have my inspiration and subject, here we go. I started with my favorite team member, Yang!
I had issues with her at the beginning but moved through it. Her hand being on fire was a last thought because I felt like the piece needed one more punch. haha, get it? The background was my favorite part of this piece.

Next I moved to Blake Belladonna


This one is my favorite of the series. I really felt like the foreground and background blended well. I kept to her true colors and made her eyes very bright to were its piercing your SOUL! haha. Within one of Ross’s Patreon packages, he included a leaf brush for photoshop. I went to town with it for the background of Blake. Looks great though I believe.
Next was Weiss Schnee!


I just love using this color palette. The aqua and fuchsia that I added in this piece was just making my eyes just fall in love with her own eyes and the background. I feel like I did the best skin tones with this one versus the others. I also feel like Weiss’ eyes are the most realistic here. #SuperKawaii

Now  I finished up with Ruby Rose.


Not gonna lie, I struggled with this one. I really was running out of ideas for making Ruby differ from the other girls besides just her color palette. But once I sketched out her design I started to feel a bit better because I knew her hair would be the stand out subject. At least in my eyes. By the time I got to Ruby, I started to be much looser with my brushstrokes. Letting it feel like a real painting and not just a photorealistic portrait of the character. Ross taught me that one. That’s why in her hair, skin, and clothes you really see the strokes. Yes that was intentional.

I was very happy with myself with this series. It felt good to just paint. I need to paint more, both digital and traditional. Side Note: That was my first degree, a BFA in Fine Art Painting. Check out my portfolio for images of my older work.

These pieces are available in my Etsy store –> OR just click the Etsy link in my menu bar.
All pieces are available in a 5×7 or 11×14 format. I print them with a metallic finish that looks really nice. If you are interested in the whole team, you can purchase all four for $36 (11×14) or  $15 (5×7).
What do you all think of these pieces? Gimme your art critiques! Also , which series should I do next? I’m thinking Bob’s Burgers, or Overwatch.

Thanks for reading ❤


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