Spring update! šŸŒŸ Trophies and new job

Hey y’all, it’s been awhile that we’ve chatted and TONS of stuff has been happening. FIRST let’s chat my latest competitions. I recently won Best Masters at Acen aka Anime Central. That was a HUGE win for me because it was my first “Masters” level win. I’ve placed and won genre based division but no Masters level.


So it was pretty amazing. I wasn’t expecting it at all because I was up against some really great cosplayers. Masquerades at animi cons are a whole different level that normal comic con contests. I learned that this past weekend. The contest was dividing into skits and craftsmen. I competed within the craftsmen side on the masters level. There was no best in show because it’s tough to judge a crazy elaborate skit versus just a walk on costume. So I commend the anime competition community for that.

If you haven’t heard by now, I placed second in Most Elaborate category at Star Wars Celebration. Which is pretty insane, because the majority of the category I was in had big foam/metal/transformative cosplays. And if you are familiar with general pop culture genre cons, heavy sewing based cosplays don’t do well against big foam cosplays. A lot of celebrity judges really don’t take the time to talk or ask about the making process for these contest. It’s pretty annoying BUT the competition judging community at all conventions are getting better, slowly.


Pictured is Nine Lives Cosplay and I, we both placed second in our categories. Other than the contest, SWC was amazing! I got to meet Dave Filoni dressed as Ahsoka, met SO MANY COSPLAYERS that I’ve been following onlone forever. Plus I just got to be in the center of all Star Wars announcements and events for 4 days. It was amazing! It’s the best con for any mega Star Wars fan.

Next, I got another job y’all! I make wigs now! Yes, hand make wigs. It’s a crazy and very technical. I work for the company Custom Wig Company. They are located here in Louisville KY and we make all kinds of wigs. Mainly Santa, Cosplay, and historical wigs for every head shape. Check out our website for the portfolio we have, it’s truly amazing the wigs we can make. Here is a pic of our little studio.


Lastly, my Twitch is up and going. I don’t have a set schedule right now because developing a 3-4 hour stream two to three times a week is rather exhausting BUT I’m trying. If you want to follow, go hit that follow button over here and turn on notifications –> twitch.tv/thejedimanda.
Current projects I’m working on includes creating Queen Goldstein and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot version). All will be streamed on Twitch.

My next convention is D23 Expo in Anaheim CA in mid July. I will be competing with Queen Amidala there too. Cross your fingers!


Thanks for reading y’all! See ya later

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