It has begun: Wonder Woman

I CAN’T HELP BUT NOT BE INCREDIBLY HYPED. Seriously, Wonder Woman has always had a place in my heart. She was the first comic book character I ever read about, then (weirdly) lead me to read the whole Ultimate X-Men series. So yes, Miss Prince will always be close to me even though I ultimately have read more Marvel comics than anything.


I saw the movie and just fell in love with Wonder Woman all over again. Doing a Wonder Woman cosplay has always been on my mind, but which outfits has always plagued me. Well the Gal Gadot version of Wonder Woman has me hooked. So here we go!

I’m creating the entire outfit, in this order
1. Crown
2. Shield
3. Sword
4. Chestpiece & skirt
5. Bracers & armbands
6. Shinguards & shoes

It’s ALOT, so I’m taking it slow and on my own time. I’m completely the entire outfit live on Twitch, make sure to go follow and turn on your notifications to follow my WW journey.

I finished the crown and posted the tutorial on it, check it out! Also more progress pictures below of what I have so far.


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