Wonder Woman is KILLING ME…but not really, OH I’m heading to Canada!

I HAD NO IDEA THAT FOAMSMITHING ARMOR WAS THIS HARD. Honestly, I breezed through the sword, crown, and shield. They were laborious but not difficult, in my opinion. So going into the bodice creation, I had high hopes. Thought I could just wrap my mannequin and take the patterns from that. FIRST MISTAKE. I should have wrapped my body, not my mannequin (and she was sized out to my dimensions, but still didn’t work). After cutting out the foam and creating the bodice, it felt and looked like a foam tube. No curves, no waistline. As a seamstress, that irritated me. I’m so used to tailored to perfecction with fabric and thread. That’s much harder to do with foam and glue. Then I struggled getting the boob cups to work, finally figured that out. Then I just started chopping up the foam base until it fit like a stiff corset. Also decided to add a corset back instead of the zippered back that I thought about doing. Smart move.

So first round LOOKED nice. It really did, the worbla covered foam was all the trim parts and on the mannequin, photographed well. Then I tried it on and it was so heavy, bulky, ill-fitting, and just not comfy. I thought then this CAN’T be how all foam armor is. So I ripped it apart. Basically wasting all that worbla (my wallet screamed when I did that). I was so upset that I just couldn’t do anything right with this bodice. So I sat down, researched more foam amor and re-designed the trim again.

Wrapped her up again and drew out a much smaller trim work for top and bottom. 20476264_1595961793767371_3465714559183881598_n.jpg

Literally became a night and day difference. I LOVE the look and feel of the new trim. Fits and is so much lighter. This is literal proof that you don’t need to splash worbla on everything to make it fancy. Foam works naked too. Also
**Insert cosplay wisdom**
It’s totally ok to restart and do it again. If you don’t like the look or feel of the project, start over. This is YOUR project, not someone else (unless its a commission, then you should do your best). Make it yours and make it so! (Picard pun intended).

In other news, I’m coming to Canada! Edmonton Expo to be exact. I’m going to be a cosplay guest there 22nd-24th of September. I’m so hyped because I’ve never been to Canada. I do hear it is beautiful and I hope to snap a couple of photoshoots up there.
Before Canada, I’m going to Gen Con. My favorite con of the year. Seriously, it’s great. Except lots of posts. It will also be Queen Amidala’s last spot of this year’s competition route. Hoping to bring home some bacon with this one. TBH this year hasn’t been as successful in the competition arena as I hoped with Amidala. A couple weeks ago at D23, I had the honor to be a finalist for the competition but I really thought the outcome would have been different. But oh well, probably not gonna do that competition again. It’s not as organized as I thought it would have been. A 30 second prejudge session with the judges is insulting to the costuming world itself. Wasn’t a fan of that. But cheers to GenCon and upcoming things. PEACE!

2 thoughts on “Wonder Woman is KILLING ME…but not really, OH I’m heading to Canada!

  1. I”m working on the same costume and got through all of the armor pretty easily. The corset…oh what a different story!! I enjoyed reading about your trials…I am re-grouping and getting ready to try again. I had only plans to do it in foam, mounted onto a store bought corset, but then, after I did it, I hated how it looked. 😦 OH well..wish me luck!


  2. Well, I finished it..and it looked and photographed beautifully. Fit wise..not so much. I looked like “pregnant with Steve Trevor’s baby” Wonder Woman. The side view made me look HUGE. I was so sad. Will be starting over. this current one may become a wall decoration.


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