Finishing & Winning

The full build of Wonder Woman is now complete and photographed BEAUTIFULLY by my bestie, Alexandra Lee Studios. Take a look at the art! She did such a great job with the edits. We shot these at Cave Hill in Kentucky. Nothing like beautiful greek columns to pair with.

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I wore my Wonder Woman to Gen Con last weekend and she was received so well. I’m extremely proud of this outfit and may people asked about the creation. Which is what I really love about cosplaying at a convention. Con-goers, don’t ever be afraid to go up and ask a cosplayer about the journey they took to make the outfit. It really warms us when people care about the creation as much as the aesthetic.
I now say that I need more pockets for this outfit and I must figure out a way to strap the shield to my back. Need to be more hands free!

Let’s talk about Gen Con!. Guys! I won my first Best in Show at a con. I couldn’t believe it. REALLY. I couldn’t believe it. I won the Professional category with my Queen Amidala then I was awarded Best in Show for her too. The amount of time I’ve put into that outfit has just been paid off. The amount of craftsmanship I was up against in the Professional division, and in the whole competition itself. It was a great competition. Props to everyone in that contest, seriously. 20915076_1613745488655668_7651370253373255556_n.jpg

Now I can say that Queen Amidala is retired from competition. She’s won the big one (Best in Show) so to me, as a competitor, I don’t feel right to keep competing with that costume. Every competition year, I strive to get 1st place in the category I compete in. I’m satisfied when one of my costumes wins at that level. So I’m so happy and very proud  with this win in my belt.

Now on to ANASTASIA! Stay tuned!



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