How to Make Wonder Woman’s blue gown and CANADA WAS AMAZING!

Hello-Ween y’all! 🎃 Hope everyone is doing well! It’s time for a Jedimanda Life/Costume/Art/Travel update blog. Hold on to your butts.

Let’s talk first about my trip to Canada and Edmonton Expo in Alberta specifically. I LOVE CANADIANS! You all are the best. So nice, just so damn nice. Shoutout to Derek and Matt who drove mine and Alex’s butts all across Alberta to get a touch of Canada. We went to the Badlands and Jasper to see all the beautiful scenery. Here’s some pretty shots of stuff we saw.

So on to Edmonton Expo. Probably the best guesting experience I’ve ever had. I met so many people and was treated so well by the staff. I would go back in a heart beat. I was so busy everyday doing talks, panels, judging, and interviewing that it was tough to just sit down and not hop back up and meet more people. Shout out to Carrie and her amazing cosplay staff for taking such good care of me and the other cosplay guests and handlers. So amazing. I saw some phenomienal costumes and judged some of the best armors I’ve ever judged in a contest. The skill level in armory techniques in Canada can best any country in the world. Fantastic time.


I had a surprise cosplay for Saturday of Edmonton Expo, and if you haven’t seen it yet, I created Wonder Woman’s blue gown from the film. A lot of people up in Edmonton requested me to bring Diana and I literally couldn’t bring her along. Couldn’t fit in my luggage nor can I work a full convention day in that outfit. It’s too cumbersome, unfortunately. SO I scratched out her blue gown in 2 days! Yup 2 days. It wasn’t too tough to make but it did require some draping skills, so here’s how I did it.


First, I couldn’t find the EXACT color of lite aqua/royal/lite blue color that was used in the film. All I have is Joann’s Fabrics to choose from (besides the internet) for fabric in Kentucky. So Miss Joann only had a royal blue option in crepe back satin. So I purchased, 4 yards (yes 4) for this gown. You will need to create the gown and then drape a lot of details over the gown to achieve the look of the gown from the movie. Here is the pattern I used. Vogue pattern V1474, it had the right shape and low back for the gown.


Unfortunately I don’t have any WIP pics of the gown while I was making it (rookie move, sorry y’all). But honestly I created the base gown and then draped long pieces of fabric over the shoulders and pleated the fabric where it needed pleating and gathering. I focused all my pleats directly under the boobs where the top and skirt meet. Don’t forget that her right shoulder has fabric capped over the shoulder with a half a yard (cut on the bias) draped on the back shoulder, then hangs down. While the left shoulder strap is normal to the gown base. Other than that, focus on draping the fabric across (in a wrap dress style) across the front of the gown. I had to tack a lot of random spots to get the drape like I wanted. So be patient and have great reference photos of Miss Prince.


To wrap up my blog entry, I want to talk about some changes. I recently stopped streaming my costume creation on Twitch and just switch to streaming my Fine Art creation instead. While I love to share everything on my social medias, I also like to be private especially when I create costumes. Streaming while making costumes makes me go pretty damn slow and actually doesn’t help my motivation to create. SO until I have the want to return my Twitch to my upstairs sewing room, it will stay in my art studio.

Costume added to creation list: Rey from the Last Jedi! Hope to have it completed my The Last Jedi premiere. WOOT!





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