Screwed up my Rey cosplay, I have. Fix it, I did.

Hey everyone! I realized I haven’t written here in a while. Apologies 😞. So with apologies out of the way. Here we go, BLOG TIME!

Ok, so the last time I wrote here. I just completed my Wonder Woman gown and had a trip to Canada. Since then, I created a new complete cosplay. May I throw at your face, Rey from The Last Jedi!

Rey 3Rey2


I’m doing another photoshoot soon for more detailed shots of my outfit and leather work by HDC cosplay (so good!). Tim did all my leather work for Rey. He created her belt, holster, and cuff. Also let me borrow Han’s DL-44 for photos. Amazing work. If you are ever considering getting some leather work commissioned. Check him out ⬇️  &

photos by Alexandra Lee Studios

I want to tell you that I made A LOT of mistakes on this outfit in the beginning. My mistakes cost me too. To begin, I purchased the actual fabric from Mood Fabrics that the costumers used for Rey’s outfit in the film. Yes the actual fabric, but it wasn’t dyed to the color I needed. So just dye it right? HAHA. Take a look at all the dye swatches I struggled through. The final color I went with is the color I have my hand on. Which was the wrong color by the way (should have been much darker). The original color of the fabric was a light khaki.  5A1AB469-5163-4F86-A589-4C7FEC256A27.JPEG

So dying isn’t my strong suit mainly because I don’t have the tools to really do it right. I hate “tub dying” I prefer boiling water in giant pots and dip, dip, stir. I simply don’t have a good area for a giant pot of boiling water and multiple yards to dye. The amount I had to dye was 3 yards and it was a very bulky, textured fabric. Anyways, I got the color and now it’s pattern time. Well I drafted it by hand and draped some spots. COMPLETELY SCREWED the pattern. I made it way too short and I didn’t do a mock-up. My mistakes and my stupidity as a seamstress. Don’t cut corners, kids. So now that I made the tunic too short and had a bad dye job, so I just pitched the whole thing. I didn’t want to buy the fabric again, it was very expensive. I didn’t want to dye it again. So off to to find a replacement fabric. I found a dark brown textured stretch knit (pictured below) that was in my price range, grabbed that along with a grey chiffon fabric that was ultimately the wrong choice (again!) for the outfit.

For the pattern, I altered a wrap dress pattern. Simple! Why didn’t I do this before?! Ugh, whatever, move forward.


So the loose woven grey fabric (left photo) was the perfect choice for her tabard. I purchased the grey chiffon (right photo) first and then just realized it didn’t lay right, too bulky. Then I pitched it, more mistakes. I then found the other grey fabric at Hobby Lobby. Believe it or not, I believe there were angels singing. Which means sense because it’s Hobby Lobby.


SO, after the tunic was put together, and the grey fabric was found. I moved to the pants. I found some grey sweatpants on that I thought would work. Ultimately they did but, they are just ok. I stitched in some details to look more like her pants and it felt better. I wanted stretch pants instead of jeans because 1. Comfy and 2. I need to move around a lot for photos with weird poses. So they came out fine. Moving on…

wrapsNow let’s talk about the bastards call her armbands. I had 2 packs of cotton gauze (third photo from the left below). They were WAY too thin, once I dyed them (😒) and test ran them, they didn’t bounce back with the stretch. Pretty much a one time use bandage, which makes sense for medical uses but not for cosplay. Then I purchased the ACE bandages and proceeded to cut the circulation off to my arms when worn. So that was painful and the look just wasn’t there.

I’m having so many issues with this damn cosplay, so I reached out to the Rey cosplay community groups on Facebook. Bless them, seriously. If you are making this outfit. Join those groups. Double thanks to Jasmine for selling me a set of the crepe bandages. The Boots bandages are the ones they use in the films, they are tough to get if you are in the USA. The other crepe bandages (second photo for the left) are the only available here in the USA and on amazon. But they are sold in packs of like 10 or 11. Thanks again to Jasmine for sending me the pair. Now I have the bandages. OK, now the last and final item I need…the boots.

THESE DAMN BOOTS. Ok. I couldn’t afford the Po-Zu boots (left photo). These were the “official Rey boots” and I totally wanted them but seriously over $200 for them.. no. no thanks. So I turned to trusty ole Amazon. So I purchased a similar looking boots on Amazon. GREAT…I receive a delivery notice, go to grab my package and nothing. No package. Well ok, I wait a day, still nothing. Someone stole my package.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME? The universe does not want my to cosplay Rey 🤬.

So I contact Amazon, they give me refund, order the same boots, change the shipping address to my sister’s house who has a front porch and distant neighbors. Guaranteed delivery right? Wrong. Received a shipping notification and still no damn package. Nothing. I contact Amazon, receive another refund, then I run to Jc Penny’s and find the boots I need (right photo below).

After all of these insane issues I went through with Rey. I’m still happy I finished it and saw it through. I’m still tweaking it and doing another shoot soon with Rey. But I’m happy to say that I have Rey now.

Thanks for reading this winded post and the next post will be all about Anastasia. I’m looking forward to sharing all my photos and techniques with you!

Cheers and May the Force be with you ❤


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