Central Champion of Crown Championships of Cosplay

Y’ALL, I WON! I couldn’t believe it! I won the Central regional championship at C2e2 two weekends ago. The whole experience was just insane. I was not expecting any of this, but boy does it feel great. Over 6 months of work and tears I poured into Anastasia and to be given this honor was just heartwarming. Anastasia3

I just want to give out a major shout out to the entire competition competitors especially everyone in the needlework category. I don’t envy the judges. This was a tough competition. Sitting backstage with everyone in our category just made me so nervous because EVERYONE IS SO GOOD. Cosplay competitions are getting so much tougher. You really need to be a master of all trades now. Anastasia4

I want to give a mega shout out to Ginny Liz for soothing my anxiety backstage and through the competition. I was nervous y’all. The whole day was insanely busy and stressful. But she helped me through and she placed 3rd in the Needlework! I’m so proud!.


With more than a week of rest…oh JUST KIDDING. I’m already knee-deep in creating


Doctor Strange!! I’m enjoying this build so much so far because I’m a HUGE FAN OF DOCTOR STRANGE. He is bae. I plan to have his cloak of levitation done for the premiere of Avengers: Infinity War, which by the time I’m finishing this blog is less than ten days. I can do it!

His cloak is extremely detailed. WAY more than I thought. Which I love but also hate in a time crunch. I spent this past weekend in couching down a tiny red cord to his collar. It took me all weekend. I’m starting to think he will be a competition piece for me. Since I’ve won a Best in Show already with Anastasia, I personally don’t think I should compete with her regionally anymore. I will compete with her again, it will just be at other cons nation wide and possibly internationally. I plan to try to compete with her at Dragon Con but that will be it for the year. I want to still compete at Gen Con, Cincy Comic Expo, and Louisville Supercon but I will be competing with Doctor Strange instead! Exciting!

Take a look at some photos so far of my Doctor Strange process. The best place to follow me while creating Doc Strange is my Instagram and my Instagram stories. Facebook reach is awful so Instagram is the place

C2E2 was amazing, and such a good kickstart of a con for my con year. Cheers to a good year ahead.



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