New passion realized: SFX makeup

There comes a time where, as an artist, you grow bored, hit a creative rock, or plainly just really start to hate your work you are producing. It SUCKS. I’ve hit this wall several times as an artist. When I feel at all unmotivated with my sewing projects, I put that project on hold (unless there is a deadline šŸ˜•) and move to something else. Anything else! For me, I will move to plein air drawing more in my sketchbook, oil painting, or SFX makeup projects. Recently, I’ve realized I really REALLY enjoy creative makeup work. I’ve been off and on doing SFX makeup work since college. I’ve taken classes, created a giant makeup “morgue” (makeup portfolio) in my undergrad, even designed makeup looks for professional theater. It’s always been something I knew I had skill in but really just didn’t know how or what to do with it.

Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 1.35.14 PM

Within the past year I’ve been thinking of really pushing my skill in this field to possible get some freelance jobs or just expand my knowledge to teach people in tutorials. It’s crazy to think that at any point in your life, you can change career or build a new passion. It’s scary and intimidating. But mainly exciting and fulfilling.

That being said, let’s chat about recent and future projects of mine! Last week, for May the 4th and 5th, I created two very different makeup looks. Glam Porg and Crispy Anakin. One was a beauty look and the other a SFX burnt skin look. Of course the crispy Anakin look was from one of the final scenes in Revenge of the Sith with that uber meme-worthy dialogue of “I have the high ground, Anakin” then slice and Anakin is without legs and about to be burnt by the lava river. I wanted to challenge myself with both looks. The difficulty of using SFX effects and techniques with Anakin and the crisp beauty look with Glam Porg. Let’s dive into the designs.

Photo credit to Alexandra Lee Studios


Glam Porg was a design created by my. I sketch it out first with influence from other makeup looks from Pinterest. I wanted to stay true to the color palette of the Porg, orange, white, and brown. I did basic glam makeup using mostly Kat Von D palettes for the eyeshadow colors. My brows were a combination of Anastasia brow dip, NYX brow mascara, and orange face paint ran through the brows with a tiny brush. The lip color is NYX high voltage in deep brown with a touch of highlighter to bring the look together. The contour color is the same orange eyeshadow from my Kat Von D Serpentina palette combined with brown eyeshadow. Sticking true with the Porg color palette. If you want to try this look, check out my Youtube tutorial on it.
Glam Porg TutorialĀ 


Now the Anakin look required more thought but strangely I felt WAY more comfortable attempting this look than my beauty makeup. I feel more strong in my skills as a traditional SFX artist than a traditional beauty makeup artist. I’m working on the beauty makeup more by really just practicing a lot more and by focusing trying to get better at spots I struggle with (brows and lips, weird right?).


3-D FX wound gel was the main requirement for this look. The gel is a mix of powdered gelatin, pure vegetable glycerine, and water (full recipe in my video). Once it’s cooled you can apply it to your skin and once it solidifies you can paint over it to any look you want. It’s used mostly for creating burnt, oozing, super damage burnt skin. It’s gross and so damn cool. I did use a bald cap and block out my eyebrows with this look. Once all the wound gel was applied, I added some latex here and there to smooth the gel into my crispy skin. Then LOTS of creme paint from my Mehron bruise wheel was added everywhere to complete the look. Watch the tutorial for it so see the full process. I was super proud of it.
Crispy Anakin tutorialĀ 

Both of these looks brought to me the confidence to keep going and building my portfolio in the art. Even if my social media numbers are the highest for it. I do understand that most of my following just cares about my cosplay and sewing work. Now they are getting this too.
Some future plans and projects I have are doing some gender bending makeups, diving into recreating horror film characters, and getting better at beauty makeups.

Life is short, do what you want.


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