Jedimanda wanted to live in a world filled with Star Wars, passionate fans, and the power to make ANYTHING SHE SEES! Of course, leading her to dive head first into the cosplay world. 

As a professional seamstress and avid costume maker with more than 6 years of experience, she has competed, and ultimately won, several costume competitions, as well as judged almost an equal amount. She has been featured on several sites such as The Nerdist, D23 (Disney fan club), and SyFy. Jedimanda is an epic seamstress and social media guru with the cuts, scars, and glue gun burns to prove it.
She tries to divide her time between her love of costume making and making fine art! She creates gorgeous portraits of basically any thing she sees. Her favorite drawing medium is colored pencils but she also loves painting. She has a BFA from University of Louisville in Fine Art Painting. Her favorite subjects to draw are portraits of people and anything halloween themed.
When she’s not sewing or drawing her eyeballs out, she is a professional graphic designer with a love for anything with flat design and an epic typography. She daily emerges herself in anything RWBY, Disney, or Game of Thrones, and cant stop pinning costume ideas and wig tutorials. Her home base is in Louisville, Kentucky where she is also a co-host on a weekly cosplay podcast called CosSlay Podcast.
Make sure to follow her on all her social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, and Youtube.
Wubba Lubba Dub DUB!
❤ Jedimanda