New passion realized: SFX makeup

There comes a time where, as an artist, you grow bored, hit a creative rock, or plainly just really start to hate your work you are producing. It SUCKS. I've hit this wall several times as an artist. When I feel at all unmotivated with my sewing projects, I put that project on hold (unless... Continue Reading →


Back into digital land.

Sometimes I feel bad when I get burned out on using a certain medium. Not sure if it's me just not confident in said medium or the fact that I want to try all things, but I'm back to digital art now. I say I'm back because I was once there. I have a degree... Continue Reading →

Jyn Erso!

She is completed! Took about 10 hours for her. I'm very happy with the result. She looks more grungy than I wanted but I actually think that kind of matches her look. Completed with Prismacolor colored pencils on 9x12 paper. Prints and the original is available in my shop

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