Wonder Woman is KILLING ME…but not really, OH I’m heading to Canada!

I HAD NO IDEA THAT FOAMSMITHING ARMOR WAS THIS HARD. Honestly, I breezed through the sword, crown, and shield. They were laborious but not difficult, in my opinion. So going into the bodice creation, I had high hopes. Thought I could just wrap my mannequin and take the patterns from that. FIRST MISTAKE. I should … Continue reading Wonder Woman is KILLING ME…but not really, OH I’m heading to Canada!

It has begun: Wonder Woman

I CAN'T HELP BUT NOT BE INCREDIBLY HYPED. Seriously, Wonder Woman has always had a place in my heart. She was the first comic book character I ever read about, then (weirdly) lead me to read the whole Ultimate X-Men series. So yes, Miss Prince will always be close to me even though I ultimately … Continue reading It has begun: Wonder Woman

Spring update! 🌟 Trophies and new job

Hey y'all, it's been awhile that we've chatted and TONS of stuff has been happening. FIRST let's chat my latest competitions. I recently won Best Masters at Acen aka Anime Central. That was a HUGE win for me because it was my first "Masters" level win. I've placed and won genre based division but no … Continue reading Spring update! 🌟 Trophies and new job

Yang Xiao Long | Round 2

AWW YES! MY Yang Xiao Long season 4 finale cosplay is finally complete. This was a super fun and challenging project. I was excited to make a tailored overcoat and was challenged in making her new robotic arm. I used several techniques in sewing and armor making with this one. Let's chat about the overcoat … Continue reading Yang Xiao Long | Round 2

The Queen has arrived.

The Queen is here! She has been completed (at least 98% of it). I really can't believe that I actually did it. O_O. I'm in awe with myself. My Queen Amidala cosplay is now ready to compete with. I had my first photos taken of her this past weekend with my bestie, Alexandra Lee Studios. … Continue reading The Queen has arrived.

Part 1 of Ahsoka Tano makeup tutorial wrapped.

Just finished wrapping up my first Ahsoka Tano makeup tutorial! Very exciting, a lot of people have asked for this tutorial and I'm happy to give it to them. This version used exclusively water based makeup. I use Mehron Paradise products. Manly the orange palette and white palette. Also used is basic makeup such as … Continue reading Part 1 of Ahsoka Tano makeup tutorial wrapped.