CosMakers: Men Make & Women Fake

I couldn’t agree with this more. 👏

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Naomi WuIt would be easy to miss amongst the current trash fire that is North American news, but the founder of Make Magazine, Dale Dougherty, recently accused Naomi Wu of being fake. Not just of faking her knowledge of the ‘maker’ culture but whether she was a real person or not.

“I am questioning who she really is. Naomi is a persona, not a real person. She is several or many people.”

The above is from a tweet he’s since deleted, and apparently issued a half-hearted apology, but as any woman on the internet knows, the damage this kind of comment can cause is massive when it’s from someone (usually a man) with the number of followers Dougherty has.


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The links above have more information if you’d like to read about the situation, but what I’m going to talk about today is how Cosplay…

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