Star Wars Day Cooking Stream!

Happy May the 4th y'all! Join me today on after 8pm EST for a full cooking stream with Star Wars themed foods and drinks. Let's have some fun! Here is what I'm making Takodana Tacos You’ll need: Butter lettuce ½ cup apple, diced small ¼ cup radish, thinly sliced 1 avocado, mashed with salt … Continue reading Star Wars Day Cooking Stream!

Back into digital land.

Sometimes I feel bad when I get burned out on using a certain medium. Not sure if it's me just not confident in said medium or the fact that I want to try all things, but I'm back to digital art now. I say I'm back because I was once there. I have a degree … Continue reading Back into digital land.

Yang Xiao Long | Round 2

AWW YES! MY Yang Xiao Long season 4 finale cosplay is finally complete. This was a super fun and challenging project. I was excited to make a tailored overcoat and was challenged in making her new robotic arm. I used several techniques in sewing and armor making with this one. Let's chat about the overcoat … Continue reading Yang Xiao Long | Round 2

New video Sewing Series

I consistently get questions about sewing. Everything from how to place in zippers to hand drafting patterns. So because of these questions, I've started a weekly sewing series of videos! All the videos will be short, about 2-5 minutes, with a main topic and me walking you through it. The videos will cover sewing techinques, sewing … Continue reading New video Sewing Series

The Queen has arrived.

The Queen is here! She has been completed (at least 98% of it). I really can't believe that I actually did it. O_O. I'm in awe with myself. My Queen Amidala cosplay is now ready to compete with. I had my first photos taken of her this past weekend with my bestie, Alexandra Lee Studios. … Continue reading The Queen has arrived.

crawls into 2017, finally 🎊

Hey everyone! It's 2017, and I couldn't be more thankful. 2016 was a tough year for me, personally and artistically. I struggled with producing cosplay because of burn out. Total burn out. Not sure how I got there, but with something negative comes something positive. I started drawing again! I focused on creating art again … Continue reading crawls into 2017, finally 🎊