New passion realized: SFX makeup

There comes a time where, as an artist, you grow bored, hit a creative rock, or plainly just really start to hate your work you are producing. It SUCKS. I've hit this wall several times as an artist. When I feel at all unmotivated with my sewing projects, I put that project on hold (unless … Continue reading New passion realized: SFX makeup

Part 1 of Ahsoka Tano makeup tutorial wrapped.

Just finished wrapping up my first Ahsoka Tano makeup tutorial! Very exciting, a lot of people have asked for this tutorial and I'm happy to give it to them. This version used exclusively water based makeup. I use Mehron Paradise products. Manly the orange palette and white palette. Also used is basic makeup such as … Continue reading Part 1 of Ahsoka Tano makeup tutorial wrapped.