Captain Marvel’s Lunchbox! The Fonz!

Hey y'all! I recreated The Fonz lunchbox from the film, Captain Marvel. Since this is a SUPER VALUABLE and SUPER PRICEY vintage lunchbox to buy from eBay. So I recreated the image for you to tape/glue/adhere to a lunchbox of your choice. It's a PNG file sized to the "typical" vintage lunchbox size, (8"x7"). It's totally... Continue Reading →


Let’s get Strange.

    May I present, DOCTOR STRANGE! Yes, I'm Mr. Cumberbatch can't you tell?! Well I will tell you that I'm not Stephanie Strange, who isn't a character in the Marvel Universe. Yet, I get called that for some weird reason? Hmmm.. I wonder why.🤷‍♀️ #womenincosplayprobs. BUT, I digress. Let's chat about how I made... Continue Reading →

New passion realized: SFX makeup

There comes a time where, as an artist, you grow bored, hit a creative rock, or plainly just really start to hate your work you are producing. It SUCKS. I've hit this wall several times as an artist. When I feel at all unmotivated with my sewing projects, I put that project on hold (unless... Continue Reading →

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